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Folder Policy Manual Cover Letter (1 Files)
Download Policy Manual Cover Letter
Folder Table of Contents (1 Files)
Download Table of Contents
Folder 1.00 Philosophy (1 Files)
Download 1.10 Mission Statement
Folder 2.00 School Board Governance and Organization (14 Files)
Download 2.10 Scope of School System
Download 2.11 Orientation
Download 2.20 Board Responsibilities and Authority
Download 2.21 Orientation and Officers of the Board
Download 2.22 Board Meeting
Download 2.22.1 Notice of Board Meetings
Download 2.22.2 Board Agendas
Download 2.23 Board Policy Adoption
Download 2.24 Board Member Compensation
Download 2.25 School Improvement and Education Accountability
Download 2.26 Special Committees of the Board
Download 2.27 Board Member Training
Download 2.30 Legal Counsel-Board
Download 2.50 Boardsmanship Development
Folder 3.00 School Administration (19 Files)
Download 3.10 Administrative Organization
Download 3.11 School Calendar
Download 3.20 Qualifications of Superintendent
Download 3.21 Contract of Superintendent
Download 3.22 Responsibilities of Superintendent
Download 3.24 Opening and Closing of Schools
Download 3.25 Emergencies
Download 3.30 Responsibilities of Principals
Download 3.40 Safe and Secure Schools
Download 3.42 Alcohol, Illegal Drugs at System Activities
Download 3.43 Prohibition of Harassment
Download 3.44 Equal Opportunity
Download 3.45 Tobacco Use in System Facilities
Download 3.50 Public Information
Download 3.51 Copying of Public Records
Download 3.52 Prayer Before Public School Activities
Download 3.60 Flag Display and Pledge
Download 3.61 Period of Quiet Reflection
Download 3.70 School Volunteers
Folder 4.00 Curriculum and Instruction (27 Files)
Download 4.10 The Curriculum
Download 4.10.1 Title I Program
Download 4.10.2 Career Technical Program
Download 4.10.3 Live Work
Download 4.11 Special Student Education
Download 4.12 Dropout Prevention Program
Download 4.13 Homework Assignment
Download 4.14 Summer Programs
Download 4.15 Supplemental School Donations
Download 4.16 Student Fees, Fines and Charges
Download 4.17 Dual Enrollment
Download 4.20 Classroom Instructional Support Funds
Download 4.21 Instructional Materials Management
Download 4.22 Library Enhancement Materials Selection
Download 4.30 Challenged Materials
Download 4.31 Controversial Issues
Download 4.42 Public Appearance of School Groups
Download 4.43 Field Trips
Download 4.44 School Functions
Download 4.46 Band Activities
Download 4.50 Student Clubs and Organizations
Download 4.51 Student Publications
Download 4.60 Assessment Program
Download 4.61 Test Security
Download 4.71 Report Cards
Download 4.80 Transfers from Nonaccrediated Settings
Download 4.90 Virtual School
Folder 5.00 Students (34 Files)
Download 5.01 Equal Educational Opportunity
Download 5.02 Data Governance
Download 5.10 Admittance Requirements
Download 5.10.1 Admission of Homeless, Migratory, Immigrant and Limited English Proficient Students
Download 5.11 Kindergarten Admission
Download 5.12 First Grade Admission
Download 5.20 Student Assignment
Download 5.28 Student Harassment Complaint Form
Download 5.28 Student Harassment Prevention
Download 5.30 Student Conduct and Supervision
Download 5.30.1 Student Grievance Procedure
Download 5.31 Detention, Search and Seizure
Download 5.32 Zero Tolerance
Download 5.32.1 Weapons and Firearms
Download 5.32.2 Pending Criminal Charges
Download 5.33 Expulsion
Download 5.34 Student Check-out
Download 5.40 Student Attendance
Download 5.60 Student Injury
Download 5.61 Student Illness
Download 5.62 Administration of Medication
Download 5.63 Students with AIDS or HIV Disease
Download 5.64 Eye Protection Devices
Download 5.68 AED Use
Download 5.70 Student Records
Download 5.71 Directory Information
Download 5.72 Parental Notification
Download 5.80 Extracurricular Activities
Download 5.81 Athletics
Download 5.81.1 Drug Free for Student Athletes
Download 5.82 Cheerleading
Download 5.83 Cell Phones
Download 5.84 Wellness
Download 5.85 Student Access to Internet
Folder 6.00 Human Resources (49 Files)
Download 6.10 Employment
Download 6.11 Employment Status
Download 6.12 Posting Vacant Positions
Download 6.13 Job Descriptions
Download 6.14 Conflict of Interest
Download 6.14+ Conflict of Interest
Download 6.14.1 Gifts
Download 6.15 Nepotism
Download 6.16 Employment Requirements
Download 6.16.1 Medical Examinations
Download 6.16.2 License of School Bus Driver
Download 6.16.3 District Boundaries
Download 6.17 Federal Funds for Teachers to Become Highly Qualified
Download 6.20 Substitutes
Download 6.21 Continuing Service Status/Tenure
Download 6.21.1 Student First Act of 2011
Download 6.30 Violation of the Law
Download 6.30.1 Possession of Weapons
Download 6.31 Solicitations
Download 6.32 Political Activities
Download 6.40 Complaints against Employees
Download 6.40.1 Grievances
Download 6.41 Employee Grievance Procedure
Download 6.50 Suspension/Termination/Separation
Download 6.60 Performance Assessment
Download 6.70 Leave of Absence
Download 6.70.1 Notification of Absence
Download 6.70.10 Maternity Leave
Download 6.70.2 Vacation Leave
Download 6.70.3 Family and Medical Leave
Download 6.70.4 On-The-Job Injury
Download 6.70.5 Jury/Witness Duty
Download 6.70.6 Military Leave
Download 6.70.7 Personal Leave
Download 6.70.8 Professional Leave
Download 6.70.9 Sick/Bereavement Leave
Download 6.72 Drug-Free Workplace
Download 6.80 Drug and Alcohol Testing
Download 6.81 Communicable Diseases, Bloodborne Pathogens and Environmental Hazards
Download 6.82 Personnel Records
Download 6.83 Salary Schedules
Download 6.84 Sick Leave Bank
Download 6.85 Planning and Other Duty-Free Time
Download 6.86 Compensatory Time-Noncertified
Download 6.87 Overtime-Noncertified
Download 6.90 Transfers
Download 6.91 Reduction In Force
Download 6.92 Retirement of Personnel
Download 6.93 Resignation
Folder 7.00 Business Services (32 Files)
Download 7.10 Budget Development
Download 7.11 Monthly Financial Reconciliation
Download 7.13 Local Monthly Financial Reconciliation
Download 7.14 Local School Checking Accounts and Deposits
Download 7.15.1 Purchase Orders
Download 7.16 Determination of Allowable Costs
Download 7.19 Cash Management for Federal Funds
Download 7.20 Accounting and Reporting
Download 7.21 Fees/Tuition
Download 7.22 Sale of Equipment and Supplies
Download 7.23 Payroll Procedures
Download 7.24 Travel Reimbursement
Download 7.25 Cash in School Buildings
Download 7.30 Depository of Funds
Download 7.31 Food Service Funds
Download 7.32 Investment of Funds
Download 7.33 Reserve Funds
Download 7.40 Bonded Personnel
Download 7.41 Indebtedness
Download 7.50 Audits
Download 7.60 Purchasing and Bidding
Download 7.60.1 Procurement
Download 7.61 Acquisition, Use and Exchange of School Property
Download 7.62 Sale, Transfer or Disposal of Property
Download 7.63 Lost or Stolen Property
Download 7.64 Inventories and Property Management
Download 7.70 Risk Management Insurance
Download 7.90 Fund-Raising for School Projects and Activities
Download 7.91 Short-Term Notes
Download 7.92 Expenditure of Public Funds for Recognition
Download 7.93 Expenditure of Funds
Download 7.94 Bad Checks or Worthless Instruments
Folder 8.00 Auxiliary Services (18 Files)
Download 8.10 Safety
Download 8.14 Inspection
Download 8.15 Emergency Drills
Download 8.20 Sanitation
Download 8.30 Vehicle Inspections
Download 8.31 Special Use of School Buses
Download 8.33 Seat Belts
Download 8.40 Child Nutrition Program
Download 8.41 Meal Patterns
Download 8.50 Facilities
Download 8.51 Supervision of Construction
Download 8.52 Change Orders
Download 8.53 Improvement to School Plants and Grounds
Download 8.60 Internet Acceptable Use
Download 8.61 Telephone Service
Download 8.62 Wellness
Download 8.70 Management Information System
Download 8.80 Records Retention and Disposal
Folder 9.00 School-Community Relations and Interlocal Agreements (10 Files)
Download 9.10 Parent Organization and School Support Groups
Download 9.15 Family and School Partnership for Student Achievement
Download 9.20 Public Information/Relations
Download 9.30 Use of Facilities
Download 9.40 Advertising in Schools
Download 9.50 Distribution of Literature and Materials to Students
Download 9.60 Visitors
Download 9.70 Relations with Governmental Authorities
Download 9.80 Public Gifts to Schools
Download 9.90 Public Comments
Folder Appendix (3 Files)
Download A: Index
Download B: Assurance Statement
Download B: Dietary Guidelines

Federal law requires all employers to verify the identity and employment eligibility of all persons hired to work in the United States.
To obtain this information, the Daleville City Board of Education participates in E-Verify.