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Welcome to Daleville City Schools!

We are proud of the efforts and accomplishments of our students, teachers, administration and staff at Daleville City Schools. 

Daleville City Schools is a member of the “Military Child Education Coalition”.  Daleville High School has an outstanding Student 2 Student program, which is an academic and social mentoring program for transitioning students.

We are very proud of our accomplishments. Our Student-to-Student program at Daleville High School was chosen as one of the top four programs of 164 S2S programs from around the world. Daleville City Schools has received the “What Parents Want Award” for the 20th consecutive year.  Windham Elementary School has earned three National awards as Renaissance Learning “Model School”.

Daleville High School’s 2019 Graduating Seniors were offered in excess of 1.5 million dollars in scholarships. Daleville High School’s JROTC Rifle Team consistently competes as champions on the State and National level. Our Football and Basketball teams consistently rank in the Top 10 in the state. The Daleville High School “Pride of the South” Band continues to excel as one of the top Band programs in the state of Alabama.

Daleville City Schools' faculty and staff take ownership in their students and are committed to the success of the students. We are going to continue to strive to provide the very best education possible for our students in Daleville City Schools.


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ALSDE Reopening School Plan Daleville City Schools COVID 19 Reopen School Plan DALEVILLE CITY SCHOOLS Roadmap to Reopening Schools 2022-2023 We are the Mighty Warhawks and we will rise! We are excited to reopen schools in August and look forward to seeing our students face-to-face, teaching them, investing in their lives, listening to them, and watching as they grown and learn. As we implement our plan, we ask for your patience. We thank you all in advance for all the ways you will assist in these great efforts. We are committed to following the rules and regulations, making every effort to be equitable for all students, doing what is in the best interests of our families and staff, listening to your concerns, making sound decisions, and making adjustments when necessary. We are cutting through a path that has not been cleared by others. It will be hard. It will be burdensome. But our Daleville City Schools’ students are worth all the effort. We are in this together. We are the Mighty Warhawks, and we will rise! With Much Appreciation, Lisa Stamps, DCS Superintendent Appreciation: The DCS administration and staff greatly appreciate those who contributed to the development of this document. Disclaimer: The information provided in this document does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice. Instead, all information, content, and details available in this document are for general information purposes only. Information in this document may not constitute the most current legal regulations. No reader or user of this document should act or refrain from acting on the basis of information in this document without fist seeking legal advice from counsel in the relevant jurisdiction. All liability with respect to action taken or not taken based on the contents of this document are hereby expressly disclaimed. The contents of this document is provided “as is.” No representations are made that the content is error-free. The document is not an exhaustive list of every action Daleville City Board of Education will need to return to school or remain at school. Guidance by the Alabama Department of Education is not mandated. Daleville City Board of Education has the authority and flexibility to meet their individual needs and be responsive to the community. Guiding Principles We will be transparent. We will share what we know and what we don’t know and be clear about what we can control and what is outside of our control. We will be equitable. We will center decisions on what is best for all students, families, and educators. We will listen. We will bring together diverse stakeholders and experts to understand realities on the ground and to provide creative solutions. We will put safety first. We will leverage science, data, and public health leadership to inform the decisions we make. We will be decisive. Given the size and scope of the challenge, we must move deliberately and make tough choices. We may make mistakes but will adapt quickly as variables change. DCS Roadmap to Reopening Schools Contents I. General Guidance a. Status Determination b. School System Status c. Daleville City Schools’ Person with Covid-19 d. Close Contact e. Covid-19 in the Household f. Health of Employees g. Tracing of DCS Campuses h. Notification of Infection i. Home Screening j. Temperature Checks k. Commitment to Wellness l. Visitors m. Targeted Closure n. Extended Closure o. Masks and Face Coverings p. Hand Sanitizer q. Cleaning and Disinfecting r. Water Fountains s. Restroom Use t. Lockers u. Quarantine Space v. Large Gatherings w. Signage x. Tables and Desks y. Instructional Coaches z. Library Media Specialists aa. Library Books bb. Remote Learning Preparation cc. Parent Instruction dd. Elementary Contact Activities ee. Small group and Pull-Outs or Push-Ins ff. Physical Education gg. Operations and Facilities hh. Report Cards ii. Student Needs II. New Student Registration III. Safety and Wellness Measures IV. Open House V. School Day Activities a. Instructional Delivery b. At-school Instruction c. Remote Learning Option d. Special Needs (IDEA, IELP, and 504 Students) e. Formative and State Required Assessments f. Transition Procedures h. Excuses for Absences i. Check-ins j. Check-outs k. Dismissal Procedures l. Field Trips and Assemblies m. Organizational and Club Activities n. Student Code of Conduct o. Social and Emotional Needs VI. Transportation Arrival Procedures VII. Child Nutrition Program and Meals Snack and Break VIII. Extracurricular Activities After School Programs Athletics Concessions General Guidance Status Determination The Alabama State Department of Education has recommended the use of the Alabama Department of Public Health’s map to determine status of schools. School System Status Alert Level IV Alert Level III Alert Level II (As of 7/7/2020, DCS is here) Alert Level I Alert Level I – Cases are rare and contact tracing can be used to control the virus. Alert Level II – A moderate number of cases exists with most cases from a known source. Alert Level III – Many cases exist, including community spread with unexpected cases likely. Alert Level IV – Widespread outbreak is growing with many undetected cases. DCS’ Persons with Covid-19 All DCS’ persons (employees, students, and persons who have had contact with DCS’ persons) who are diagnosed with Covid-19 should immediately notify the superintendent’s office. Students who are ill at school will be placed in a designated area of quarantine with a facial covering in place. Nurses will also wear a facial covering when caring for students. A parent will be called to transport the child home. Students sent home from school should be kept home until they have completely recovered according to the ADHP guidelines All employees and students who are diagnosed with Covid-19 must test negative OR be quarantined for 14 days AND be asymptomatic (fever free) for 3 days (of the 14 days) before returning to school. Employees may send in medical documents digitally. Close Contact (6/15 Rule) Close contact is defined as contact within six feet of the individual for a total time of more than 15 minutes. After the two-week period, asymptomatic persons may be allowed to return to school. Covid-19 in the Household If students and employees reside in a household in which someone has been determined positive for Covid-19, this person should be quarantined for 14 days and be asymptomatic for 3 days OR receive a negative test before returning to DCS property. Application applies if any person has been within 6 feet of an infected person for 15 minutes or more. Health of Employees Employees who have been identified as high risk may be transferred or reassigned based on student and/or system needs. Teachers may be transferred to remote learning at a designated DCS property. To apply for transfer/reassignment considerations, employees must inform the superintendent. Deadline is July 16. Certification and current assignment will be considered in any reassignment or transfer. Tracing of DCS Campuses In order to properly disinfect, tracing is necessary through a voluntary process. DCS asks that all parties cooperate with leadership in determining the track of infected persons. Notification of Infection Upon determining an employee or student has tested positive, all persons within the class/organization will be notified. No personal information of the infected person will be released (HIPAA rules apply). Home Screening Home is the first point on the screening continuum. DCS will educate and support families on identifying the symptoms that indicate students and staff must stay at home. Families should self-report symptoms of illness, which could be fever, new onset cough, etc. All self-reports will be confidential. Temperature Checks It may become necessary to conduct temperature checks of staff, students, and people entering the office. No person with a temperature of 100.4 degrees will remain at DCS schools. Commitment to Wellness Each person entering DCS schools (faculty, staff, students, substitutes, etc.) will sign a “Commitment to Wellness” statement for the duration of time spent on campuses during the 2020-2021 school year. The statement reads, “I am committed to the safety and wellness of all students, staff, and persons around me while on DCS campuses. In making this statement, I attest that I will report to the superintendent the following: If I become aware that I have been in contact with anyone who has Covid-19 in the last two weeks, and/or if I test positive for Covid-19, and/or if any persons living in my household has been around anyone with Covid-19, and/or if any persons living in my household tests positive for Covid-19. Since I am in close proximity to students and adults as an essential employee, I commit to following the safety practices outlined in the ADPH Order.” Visitors Daleville City Schools staff desires to welcome visitors and is conscious of the importance of guests in our schools. However, we will follow these guidelines regarding visitors in our schools. Level I Visitors will follow Board Policy and proceed as normal. Level II Status or Greater Visitors will not be allowed in the schools. Conferences and required meetings may be conducted virtually. Targeted Closure In the event of a positive test among staff or a student, the classroom or area will be closed until areas can be sanitized and disinfected. Extended Closure Classrooms or grade levels in one school may be affected for a few days or a week, depending on guidance from the Alabama Department of Public Health. During these times, the system will switch to the remote learning instruction and until students can return to school. In preparation for possible outbreaks, we will go to a blended approach where students and teachers will go from a traditional setting to a fulltime remote learning/virtual program and reopen gradually before reopening back to a full traditional method. Before we reopen again, we will deep clean for that school. When we begin to reopen the entire school we may begin with a gradual rate and a staggered schedule such as 50% of the students will go to school on Mondays and Tuesdays and 50% of the students will go to school on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Then, Fridays all students will receive remote/virtual instruction. This will allow the system to clean and sanitize the schools weekly. However, DCS’s main objective is to hold school as naturally as possible. Should there be any type of large-scale outbreak or the Governor issues an order to stay at home, the system will continue instruction through virtual means. We have an online platform we will use at both elementary and secondary levels. Masks and Face Coverings When 6 feet apart during a Level I or II, teachers and students are welcome to wear masks at their discretion for their safety during the school day. Any required use of masks will be governed by Alabama Health Order as directed by Governor Kay Ivey. (As of 6/26/2020, the current health order (Item 13c) requires the use of a mask or other facial covering by an education employee within 6 feet of a person of a different household.) When closer than 6 feet to others, during a Level II status or higher, all teachers and paraprofessionals will wear clear face shields and/or other face coverings. Information should be provided to staff, students, and families on proper use, removal, and washing of cloth face coverings. Any policy regarding face coverings should be to the sensitive needs of students and staff with medical issues that make wearing a face covering inadvisable. It is recommended that parents purchase their child a face covering. It is strongly recommended that students wear face coverings when they are closer than 6 feet to others for 15 minutes or longer. It is strongly recommended that students wear face coverings on the bus. Hand Sanitizer Hand sanitizers should be used with staff and students regularly between washing with soap and water. Hand sanitizing stations will be available throughout DCS campuses. Cleaning and Disinfecting DCS will: Provide school-level guidance for cleaning and disinfecting all heavily trafficked spaces in buildings. Convene custodial and facilities staff to review and make actionable guidance regarding cleaning and disinfection. Maintain facilities for normal school operations. Clean frequently touched surfaces including light switches, doors, rails, desks, chairs, bathrooms, lockers, etc. Change air filters regularly. Place signage regarding frequent handwashing, cough etiquette, and nose blowing. Audit necessary materials and supply chains for cleaning and disinfection supplies. Keep restrooms and hand washing sinks supplied with soap. Develop procedures to minimize times and areas where large groups typically congregate or transition during the school day. Water Fountains Some water fountains will be turned off and students will be allowed to use ones that are being monitored. They will be used to fill water bottles only. Students will not be allowed to drink from them. During the hot months, it is recommended parents purchase each child a clear water bottle and label it with the child’s name. The water bottle should be filled daily from home and maintained on the child during the school day. There will be no sharing of water bottles. Students may purchase bottles of water at school. Restroom Use Students should use the assigned restroom nearest their classroom. In order to socially track students, it is highly advised students only use their assigned restroom. Individual classes will be given time frames for traveling to the restroom. Student Storage of Supplies For middle and high school students, lockers can be purchased but trips to lockers will be limited and scheduled so number of students will be limited. For elementary school students, supplies may be stored in assigned desks, backpacks, or school boxes to limit contact of supplies by others. Quarantine Space Schools will create a quarantine space for symptomatic students. This will be located in close proximity to the nurse’s office. Large Gatherings Level I All events will take place as normal. Level II Events and attendance may be limited. Events that can be conducted safely may be limited. Level III or IV Events and attendance may be limited or may be canceled. Signage Picture signs indicating the following will be strategically placed on DCS properties. Hand washing Walking on the right side of the hallway Social distancing techniques Parent entry signs Face mask, fever, cough, etc. Covid-19 signs Tables and Desks Student desks will be spaced to allow for social distancing to the greatest extent possible Extra furniture in classrooms will be removed to allow students to spread out as much as possible. Only teacher desks and student desks in classrooms. Instructional Coaches and Interventionists Level I – proceed as normal Level II or Greater – Instructional coaches may be reassigned to core areas. Library Media Specialists Level I Proceed as normal Level II Status or Greater Library media specialists may be reassigned to core areas. Libraries may become instructional space. Library Books Level I Library books may be checked out as normal Level II or Greater Library books may be checked out by the teacher for use in the classroom. Media Specialists will provide services as required by the principal. Remote Learning Preparation Teachers and staff will prepare for remote learning through professional development prior to students arrival. Teachers will implement virtual learning activities daily with students to help them become familiar with technology and digital learning so when/if we close campuses for a length of time, students have practiced using devices and programs. Teachers will plan weekly to be prepared for a possible campus closure when all students will be using virtual learning. Students will be assigned and use an email account so teachers can communicate with them. If all students return home due to a campus closure, we will use the following: Live video instruction will be conducted for reading and math and if possible for other core subjects. Prerecorded lessons may be used for other subjects and electives. Parent Instruction Daleville City Schools will provide parents with the following: Directions on how to submit assignments by email, text, Google Classroom, etc. Explanations of what students are required to do and know. Directions of ways to communicate with teachers (email, text, Remind, phone call, Google Classroom, etc.). Informative videos created by the school. Elementary Contact Activities During a Level II or greater, there will be no close student activities on the floor/rug, or use of interactive panels by students. Small Group and Pull-Outs Level II Students may participate in small group instruction, maintaining social distancing. Pull-outs may be with fewer students and may be acceptable. Level III Status or Greater Student may continue to participate in small groups, maintaining social distancing. Pull outs may not be allowed unless they can be socially distanced. Students may be served within their homeroom. Physical Education Level II Students will participate in non-contact, social distanced physical activities. Students will not dress out. Playground equipment will be sanitized after each classroom’s use. Level III or Greater Physical education teachers may provide services as required by the principal. Operations and Facilities There may be times other areas are used as a classroom including the following: Cafeteria Gymnasium Gym stage Library Vacant Classrooms Report Cards Report cards will be sent home either by students or distributed electronically. Parents may monitor their child’s grades through the Parent Portal and request iNow Parent Portal access by calling the school office. Student Needs Student Personal Water Bottle(s) – Name on bottles Student Face Covering(s) New Student Registration New students, including kindergarten, may submit items electronically to each school’s registrar. Call the office to get emails. If a parent is unable to send by email, the parent may schedule an appointment either in-person or virtual. Virtual meetings are preferred. Copies of the following items are needed: Proof of Residency Birth Certificate Social Security card Withdrawal form from previous school or last report card indicating grade level for 2020-2021 Shot record Guardian’s Photo ID Special education/504 records (if applicable) A packet of school forms including the lunch form, compact, and health form need to be completed and signed by parents/guardians as well. These forms may be found on our website to be printed, completed by parents, and returned to our school offices by email, preferably. Student Handbooks will be provided to students the first days of school. Parents need to email the signature page to the office. Parents are encouraged to check our new website for class fees, supply lists, and information about other important things. Student schedules for students in 7th – 12th grades will be available soon. Parents/Students need to confirm the schedule is correct or make a schedule change request to the counselor as soon as possible. Schedules will not be changed after August 26th as our first quarter is shorter due to our 175 day calendar. Some high school classes/programs have fees which must be paid by August 26th as well. Safety & Wellness Measures Safety & Wellness Training All staff will be required to complete the annual Standard Precaution Training. Staff will be role models and encourage handwashing and basic respiratory hygiene, such as covering the mouth when coughing. School nurses will be a resource person for student educational activities, such as age-appropriate educational videos on hand-washing, covering one's mouth when coughing or sneezing, and how to wear a mask if needed. Posters will also be made available for classrooms and school hallways. Health tips regarding hygiene will be shared on social media and website. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) CNP workers, bus drivers, nurses, and custodians will be provided with PPE as necessary. Gloves will be required by school nurses, custodians, and CNP workers. Safety & Wellness Measures - Parent If a child has a pre-existing condition, parents are advised to speak with their child's primary care physician about returning to school. Parents will be encouraged to take students’ temperatures and assess students before sending to school. Students who have a temperature of 100.4 or higher and/or are exhibiting symptoms should stay at home. Parents will be expected to give appropriate contact information and make plans to ensure someone could check student out if needed. Parents should discourage students from taking non-essential items to school as they are prohibited. Necessary items taken to school should be sanitized as feasibly possible. Safety & Wellness Measures -Transportation Transportation is the second point on the screening continuum. We will use clearly visible signage that students should not have a fever or COVID-19 symptoms if traveling on a school bus. The signage will also outline COVID-19 symptoms as an educational tool. Safety & Wellness Measures - School School is the final point on the screening continuum. School system staff should visually check for symptoms (which may include temperature checks and/or confirmation with families that the students are COVID-19 symptom free.) Faculty will limit the items sent home with students that need returned. Items sent home should be sanitized as feasibly as possible. Safety & Wellness Measures- Nurse Nurse Office Visits Limit well child visits with minor problems (ex. Keep bandages in classrooms for minor cuts and abrasions and clothing for student bathroom accidents). Teachers should limit the number of students in the health room at one time and limit exposure. School Nurses will work closely with administrators in developing a plan to isolate sick children until someone comes and gets them. School Nurses will continue to develop Individual Health Plans for students with chronic health problems. School Nurses will assess the student and take appropriate actions. If indicated, student may be asked to wear a mask until someone comes and gets them School Nurse will sanitize and disinfect as needed. Safety & Wellness Measures- Students In the event a student begins to show symptoms of COVID-19 while at school: Teacher should call and inform the nurse. Student should be sent to the nurse’s office or quarantine area. Teacher should notify the custodian so that the area can be sanitized properly. The nurse should notify school administrators and the parents. It is the responsibility and duty of the Alabama Department of Public Health to notify individuals of possible exposure to COVID-19. Be mindful of student privacy and share information with only “Need to Know” personnel. In the event a student notifies the teacher that they or someone in their home has tested positive for COVID-19: The teacher should notify school administrators. If the student was recently in attendance at the school, the custodian should be notified so that the area can be sanitized properly. It is the responsibility and duty of the Alabama Department of Public Health to notify individuals of possible exposure to COVID-19. Students must stay home quarantined for 14 days and with the last three days symptom-free or a negative test. Safety & Wellness Measures- Employee Prior to Arriving at Work Check your temperature at home - If you have a fever, contact your supervisor immediately and follow instructions before returning to work. Assess your wellness - If you notice an increase of symptoms (cough, fever, chills, muscle pain, shortness of breath, sore throat, a loss of taste or smell, diarrhea...) related to COVID-19, contact your supervisor immediately and follow instructions before returning to work. Direct exposure - In the event you have been in contact (closer than 6 feet for more than 15 minutes) with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, contact your supervisor immediately and follow instructions before returning to work. Positive COVID-19 Results - In the event you test positive for COVID-19, you should notify your supervisor, contact payroll for appropriate leave steps, follow the directions of your medical provider, and obtain one negative COVID-19 test result before returning to work. Safety & Wellness Measures- Employee During the Workday Clock-in/out using your device rather than a common-use computer. Phone, email, or text co-workers and avoid face-to-face contact when possible. Follow posted rules and keep 6 feet apart from coworkers when using common-use spaces (breakrooms, meeting rooms, etc.). If you must work closer than 6 feet to any other person, you should wear a mask to the greatest extent practicable per current health order. When using common-use appliances (microwaves, refrigerators, ice makers, etc.), you should wash your hands with soap and water prior to use. Safety & Wellness Measures- Employee Absence Guidance If you must be absent from your position for any reason (not COVID-19 related), you should follow normal protocol. (Absences less than 10 days) Put absence in AESOP. Ensure you have obtained a substitute. Notify your principal or supervisor. If you must be absent from your position for 10 days or more for any reason, or due to COVID-19 related reasons, you must notify Payroll at the Central Office and your principal per Board policy or to request leave per Families First Coronavirus Act (FFCRA). Any absence of 20 days or more requires some type of leave per board policy. If you have concerns about having COVID-19 or having been exposed to COVID-19, you must notify your principal/supervisor and the superintendent. Teachers must stay home quarantined for 14 days and with the last three days symptom-free or a negative test. Open House Schools will develop a face-to-face schedule for Open House for new students and those in Pre-K, kindergarten, and 5th-8th grades. Only parents (only 2 parents) and the student enrolled may attend so the group can be small. Social distancing will be observed during Open House. Open House meetings for all other grades will be virtual. First Days of School Students who will attend In-School instruction will return on August 21st. Parents are encouraged to bring students to school rather than having them ride the bus, if possible. Parents may not enter the building. School Day Activities Instructional Delivery Frameworks DCS will have the following teaching and learning frameworks: Traditional At School, in-person instruction Daily physical attendance at school Remote Instruction will be delivered virtually Some physical attendance may be required on testing dates Parents/students in grades K-12 may choose to participate in remote instruction for a nine-week period of time The curriculum will be rigorous Timelines will be strictly adhered to Internet connection and a device are necessary tools. Please complete the DCS In-School/Remote Learning Form online to inform us of your access to these tools and needs. Teachers will be assigned locations in the schools to be facilitators of virtual teaching/learning Deadline for enrollment is July 16th At-School Instruction All students will be assigned seats in the classroom for each grade and subject. Classroom teachers should remove and minimize the inclusion of cloth and other soft surfaces within the classroom environment (beanbags, reading tents, etc.). Classroom teachers will educate students on best practices for self-care for themselves as well as others (hand-washing, limit sharing of personal items, sneezing in elbow, covering cough, etc...). When feasible, desks and table surfaces should be cleaned during transition times. All efforts should be given to not send students to the nurse’s office for well visits and/or minor needs. First period or homeroom teachers will welcome students in their classroom upon arrival to school each day. There will not be a common area for students to congregate so special attention Students in Pre-K-2nd grades are self-contained (taught by one teacher in the same classroom all day). Students will transition to P.E. and other special classes (library, counseling, etc.) as deemed appropriate. Students in 3rd-8th grades will stay in the same class in assigned seats and content area teachers will move to them. Students will transition to classes for electives such as band and P.E. Students in 9th-12th grades will have assigned seats in their respective classes and desks/chairs will be sanitized between classes. Additional Classroom procedures will be provided at each local school campus. ***Please complete the In-School/Remote Learning Form on our website.*** Remote Learning Option Parents may prefer their student to participate in remote learning instead of in-school learning due to immune issues or other health concerns. It is important that students whose parents choose remote instruction will remain for nine weeks at a time. Students participating in remote learning will maintain the same pace, rigor, and grading policies as those who are receiving instruction at school. Students who are in remote learning will be marked “Other – Remote Learning.” Students enrolled in the DCS system who elect to participate in remote/virtual learning may NOT participate in extracurricular activities. 9th – 12th Grades Students may receive instruction through ACCESS or SchoolsPLP, which are facilitated by teachers. Students will choose from electives through these virtual options and may not be able to take certain career and technical electives. Students with an IEP may have various methods of instructional delivery. K – 8th Grades Students may receive instruction through SchoolsPLP, which is facilitated by teachers. Students with an IEP may have various methods of instructional delivery. ***Parents should complete the survey to inform us if you plan to return your child(ren) to school or if you prefer the Remote Learning Option. Please complete the In-School/Remote Learning Survey by July 16th so we can prepare elementary class rolls and staff middle and high school classes with teachers for each framework.*** Special Needs (IDEA, IELP, and 504) The teams should consider revising students’ IEPs to reflect their needs based on data and parent feedback. Then, design accommodations and services. DCS will support schools to incorporate accommodations and interventions for students with IEPs based on assessments. DCS will ensure general and special education teachers collaborate to share students’ tests results to inform IEP revisions. DCS will consider students’ specific needs around accessibility and provide assistive technologies when possible. For students who have been identified as having a reading deficiency, communication with family will occur within 15 days after the date the student is identified as stated in the Alabama Literacy Act. Students with special health considerations should be in communication with the local school’s educational support committee (IEP, 504, I-ELP, etc.) to support their student learning assignments. Staff may develop a daily/weekly schedule that will facilitate social distancing, as much as possible, while continuing to meet the needs of the students as are identified in each IEP, 504, or IELP. Students/parents need to adhere to all general education guidance and protocol. Students with IEP, 504 and I-ELP’s who wish to enroll in virtual school will need to request and participate in the appropriate committee meeting to consider the appropriateness of the program for student success. Formative and State Required Assessments All students will participate in all formative assessments Virtual K-8th grade students will participate in fall literacy assessments as required by State law Virtual students will participate in spring state required assessments Transition Procedures Level II or Greater All students will move down the halls on their right side using social distancing. Coaches will divide students up for P.E. and spread groups out. For Special education, EL, and intervention groups, teachers may pick up small groups of students using social distancing. After each transition, teachers will disinfect the areas before getting the next group of students. Teachers will encourage hand washing throughout the day. Teachers will disinfect classrooms at the end of each day. Teachers will be given a supply of disinfectants, hand towels, and wipes. They will be responsible for requesting more as they are needed. Excuses for Absences Excuses for absences need to be submitted electronically, if possible by parents or doctors’ offices. Parents may email them to the principals or attendance officer. Absences are unexcused until an excuse has been submitted to the school. Check-Ins Parents need to accompany students to the school’s office but may not enter the buildings. Social distancing is required if there is a line of people. Students need to use sanitizer before and after using the check-in/check-out computer. It will be sanitized periodically during the day. Check-Outs Requests for check-out should be made by parents at least 15 minutes in advance. Check-outs may not occur during the last hour of the school day unless in case of extreme emergencies. Dismissal Procedures Principals will determine school dismissal procedures All will strictly adhere to the guidance. Field Trips and Assemblies Level I Field trips may be taken with consideration of the Status of the location visiting. Assemblies of 50 or less may be approved by the principal. Level II or Greater Field trips will not be taken. There will be no assemblies. Organizational and Club Activities All DCS organizations will submit for approval a restart plan. No organization may meet in any fashion until the submitted plan is approved by the principal and superintendent. Student Code of Conduct The Daleville City Schools’ Code of Conduct remains in effect. Physical altercations are not allowable behavior. Given the current situation, they pose an even greater danger to others and the discipline of altercations will be reflective of the severity. Social and Emotional Needs Counselors and social workers are trained to help meet the needs of students. The DCS will establish a crisis response team that includes administrators, nurses, teachers, mental health specialists, and others to focus on student and staff mental health and wellness using trauma informed models. We will provide resources for staff and student self-care using resiliency strategies. We will provide professional learning for staff to integrate social and emotional learning routines and activities into the classroom and virtual learning environment. Transportation In order to ensure bus transportation, students must be registered by August 10, 2020. Given current conditions, parents should consider transporting students. All students will have an assigned seat. Students who live in the same household or who have worked in close proximity for a period of time will be seated together. School busing operations proceed normally unless otherwise indicated. It is strongly recommended that students who ride a bus wear face coverings. Upon entering the bus, students will apply hand sanitizer. Visible signs to communicate Covid-19 symptoms and students who should not be riding the bus will be displayed. Students should face forward and not lean across seats. Eating on the bus is prohibited by federal and state regulations. Because of the pandemic, this rule will be more strictly enforced. Bus expectations will be displayed. Since riding a bus is a privilege, students who infringe on the space of others may be removed from the bus for an extended period of time. Students participating in extracurricular activities will have assigned seats. The transportation department will use sanitizing equipment to ensure that each bus is thoroughly sanitized by assigned personnel after each trip. A maximum of ?48 students will be transported during a single route. Bus routes with more than 48 students will be reassigned to a different route or will be picked up during a secondary route. If a student has symptoms during the route, the driver will provide a disposable mask, isolate the student to the front two seats and report to the school nurse upon arrival to the school. Each driver will be provided an assigned seat template to specify by grade, location, family considerations, etc. Each bus will have a quarantine seat for students who show symptoms during the route. Plexi-glass is prohibited on school buses as it does not meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. No school bus manufacturer recommends its use within the passenger compartment under any circumstance. Bus drivers will spray common touch points inside the bus to sanitize seats, isle and floor between seats, rails, etc., prior to the start of a route, between runs, and immediately following the completion of a run/route in the morning and afternoon routes and for extracurricular activities. Arrival Procedures Student arrival can be no earlier than ?15 minutes prior to the start of class. All students will report directly to their first period class upon arriving at school from the bus or vehicle. Students will not be allowed to congregate in groups. Upon entering the room, each student will use hand sanitizer. (Parents should notify the school if their child is allergic to any form or common ingredients in hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer dispensers will be mounted in the halls. Hand sanitizer bottles will be placed in each classroom. Child Nutrition Program and Meals Meals may be eaten in classrooms and outdoor areas to spread students apart and keep them from being in large numbers. Parents may not bring food to the school building. Students who bring meals from home will need to pack items that do not require heating or reheating. All food items and beverages should be sent with the student. (Remember soft drinks are not allowed.) No items may be brought from home for a class or group of students (ex. Cupcakes). We will work with the ADPH to follow guidance as it is updated. The cafeteria will be seated at 50 percent occupancy and some classes will eat outdoors or in classrooms. Visitors and/or family guests will not be allowed to dine in the school cafeteria. The first two weeks of school, we will serve breakfast and lunch in sacks. Students will not self-serve meals. Local school CNP will adhere to current school nutrition guidelines and practices. Families are encouraged to prepay to reduce the handling of money. MySchoolBucks. Should school(s) transition from traditional learning to remote learning due to COVID-19, the system will endeavor to provide students with meals. A plan for pick-up will be provided. We will use disposable trays and utensils. Snack and Break Elementary Snack Elementary students will have snack in their classroom or in an assigned area outside the building maintaining social distance guidelines. Snack will be ordered each morning and delivered to the classroom or picked up by one student per class. High School Break High School students will be assigned a specific time (staggered) and location where they will have snack. Extracurricular Activities After School Programs Level II or Greater – all schools will adhere to school guidance. After School Programs may close pending severity. Athletics Students are encouraged to self-report to administrators, sponsors, or coaches if they have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. The student will then need to abide by applicable protocols. Mainly, students in this category will need to be quarantined for 14 days. Parents and students should understand that no student who misses any school-related activities will be punished. All athletic teams, band, cheer, academic clubs will follow guidance as applicable during meetings, practices, transportation, competition and other organized activities provided by the AHSAA, ADPH, ALSDE and the Daleville City Board of Education. Only essential personnel will be allowed on sidelines or directly involved with organization’s practices, competitions, etc. Athletes will be required to use their own personal water bottles. No items of this nature will be shared. No group watering stations, team towels, or other equipment that may be shared will be used. Symptom monitoring will be required. Requirement for sick students and staff to stay home. Thermometers are used daily to screen athletes. Implement isolation measures if a student becomes sick, then follow with cleaning and disinfecting processes. Ensure healthy personal hygiene practices. In weight rooms, all surfaces including, but not limited to, door handles, sinks, faucets, knobs, toilets, tables, soap dispensers, locker handles etc., will be cleaned and sanitized thoroughly before groups arrive and once groups have left the area. Coaches/Athletic Director will communicate with the Lead Nurse, Health Department, and visiting municipal officials to identify any local requirements that may be imposed on our players, coaches or fans while visiting another campus for competitions. Additional Guidance may be forthcoming as athletic seasons progress. Concessions All concession stands will adhere to the Alabama Department of Public Health guidance. Information will be shared as it is received.